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myfellowcrazies's Journal

my fellow crazies
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While we might all go a little crazy sometimes, for some of us it’s a permanent vacation. Sound familiar? Then pull up a beanbag and grab a cup o’ Kool-Aid, man!

This is a community for people who have mental illnesses. Not for whiny teenagers to bitch about how depressed they are, and not for trolls to poke with sporks. (I poke back. And trust me. Mine’s bigger than yours.) We’re here for support. Gripe about your shrink, ask about the first-hand side-effects of your new medication, whatever.

Community Rules

    Kindly make all your posts friends-only. This should keep the jerks from posting comments.
    No net-speak. For the love of all that is Dr Pepper, no net-speak.
    No racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or other bigoted/hateful language. If there’s any doubt, I’m the last word.
    No off-topic posts. You have your own journal for a reason.
    An introductory post would be nice, but not necessary.
    Be kind. If it’s going to be a long post, please use the lj-cut.
    Don’t pimp your community here, unless I give you the ok first.
    In general, be an adult and everything will be copasetic

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