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i ran out of prozac - tho' it's a low dose (10 mg), yet the manic depression has reared its ugly head...there are times during the day when i want to do everything and anything...then the thought of leaving the house drives me to my room and to lay on my bed and just read...when i get home from work, i don't want to leave anymore and this makes it difficult, as when my son works graveyard - i have to get up again take him to work by 11pm, then arise early and get him at 7am. this is something i force myself to do...i am still taking the depakote - which has been helping...the odd thing is - when i take a xanax and valium at nite to sleep (one of each, please) - i wake at 5am and can't get back to sleep...odd, that...i want to continue to feel good about life, however there are times when i seem and strongly feel as if i am going thru the motions just to get to the next day.
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