Jymi Sea (iamacliche) wrote in myfellowcrazies,
Jymi Sea

CFAR fresh air rights

hello. i haven't posted in a long ass time but my friend jon works for this thing called the coalition for fresh air rights (CFAR) and their main purpose is to get all hospitals to allow psych patients fresh air rights, which hospitals everywhere have been trying to take from us. anyway, it looks like it may actually come to be, here in massachusetts where it is being started, if the bill is passed or whatever, and if it is passed here, CFAR will most likely be branching out to have fresh air rights ensured all over the US. CFAR seems to be doing really well, but if anyone is willing to send an email to Rep.SalvatoreDiMasi@hou.state.ma.us saying just that you urge him to support House Bill # 4757, and to please release it to the House Floor it could mean good things for the rights of mental health clients.
Also, just to qualify, as i have not written on here in so long, i am 27 years old, live in massachusetts and i have PTSD and addiction issues. i've had over 10 different diagnosis but PTSD makes the most sense and i've been hospitalized more times than i can count at this point.
thank you, Jymi
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